If you like going on hiking adventures with your dog or live in an area surrounded by nature, your pet may come face-to-face with wildlife. Dogs are vulnerable to bear, moose, and other animal attacks during the summer, so owners should know what dog accessories to use to keep them safe. To help you protect your furry friend this season, here’s a brief guide to animal risks and how to deter them.

Wildlife Attacks

In regions with rich ecosystems like Alaska, animals can come close to residential areas. When this happens, they may see a dog as a threat, especially if their young are nearby. If provoked or spooked, they might attack to defend themselves and cause harm.

For example, porcupines can puncture with their quills if a pet gets too close, which will require a trip to the vet. Bears, coyotes, and moose can also cause injuries. This is why prevention and the right dog accessories are used by pet owners when enjoying the outdoors.

How to Protect Your Pet

There are dog accessories available to repel wildlife. You can bring them with you when you go hiking or camping with your animal, or put on them if they sleep outdoors. Bear sprays contain red pepper oil and can be used against aggressive animals. You can also strap bear bells to your gear when hiking to keep them away by announcing a human presence. You can outfit your dog with a vest to protect them from coyotes, or a hawk shield to prevent birds from scooping up small pups.

You can also prevent issues by not carrying food with you and keeping it indoors. When strolling with your pet, keep it on a leash at all times so they don’t wander off and meet any wildlife.

Or course, even with the most careful planning, injuries can still happen, both from wildlife and slips and falls. And it may not be feasible to carry your dog for miles to bring them to the nearest shelter. Instead, pack an emergency rescue harness, so you can pack your dog up in case of injury.