Buying locally gives residents the opportunity to invest in their community by keeping their local economy afloat and helping it thrive. Buying pet supplies is no different, and it’s essential to support your local business over large retail chains to help keep the community economically strong. The guide below highlights several factors to consider before your next local shopping trip.

Maintain Local Jobs

When you shop locally, more money stays in the community, so it has a direct impact on creating jobs and keeping independent businesses open. Local businesses hire people from the area who are a part of your community. A larger retail chain may hire local workers, but they may also relocate managerial staff from their stores in other locations to fill jobs which could have gone to community members.

Support Diversity

Independent businesses can vary widely in the services they provide to reflect the needs of the community. Chain stores stock products that reflect national trends. Local artisans and entrepreneurs offer products that are significant to the local culture. Your local pet store caters to the needs of Alaskan residents with pet supplies that will enhance the quality of life for your furry friends while supporting the local community of artisans and other small business owners. They also have local products and quality dog treats that big-box stores don’t stock.

Expand Local Networks

When you shop at a small business, you influence which products and services are offered and are successful in your geographic location. A pet store that offers services such as animal massage, exclusive pet supplies, and unique dog accessories can also become the go-to establishment by word of mouth. Your patronage will help create networks that generate more local business.